The Will House Agreement for Membership v 1.9

The Will House has an installment of policies,rules, and procedures that help maintain and promote a healthy atmosphere of recovery, and a safe environment for all Guest Members and Staff. These terms are not negotiable and may be enforced to the fullest extent by the Will House staff. 


This agreement is dated___________________________, by and between The Will House and

___________________________, the parties agree to the following.

PREMISES: The Will House 148 Elliott Street Beverly, Massachusetts 01915.

PAYMENTS: $200.00 a week with first, last, due upon acceptance..

Any personal items left behind upon discharge is the sole responsibility of the discharged member and will be held for no more than forty eight (48) hours and will be discarded thereafter.

By signing this agreement the terms are understood that any personal items brought onto 148 Elliott Street Beverly, Massachusetts 01915 are subject for search by staff at any time for any reason. No permission is needed by member. Also, Room checks are performed periodically for safety and for violations of rules, regulations and policies. No permission is needed by member. 


Members shall not keep or have on the premises any type of firearm, weapon, or any materials of dangerous, flammable, or explosive properties that might significantly increase the danger of fire on the premises. If any such items or materials are found during personal property or room searches it is understood this is grounds for immediate dismissal by The Will House staffs discretion.    


The use and/or possession, consumption,or ingestion, of any drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited on and off the property during members stay at The Will House. If assumed or determined by staff of a members use and/or possession of drugs and/or alcohol is grounds for immediate dismissal and termination of membership(Also see line 1 and A-B of Rules section). If said member is non-threatening and fully cooperative, The Will House staff will assist with contacting detoxification centers and/or hospital emergency rooms and when possible provide transportation to said facilities.  

As a Guest Member of the Will House, I understand a violation of these terms may result in immediate dismissal. I agree to the following: 

1. I will not possess, consume or ingest any drugs or alcohol for the duration of my stay. 

No drug or alcohol related paraphernalia of any kind is allowed. Including hookahs, glass pipes, empty bottles or cans. 

Tobacco products are to be used only in designated areas. 

All prescription medications must be cleared by the Will House staff.

Mouthwash with alcohol is prohibited. Alcohol free Mouthwash is acceptable. 

2. I will participate in a 12 step program. 

I will find and keep contact with a sponsor on a daily basis, meet with my sponsor each week. I will begin step work once I find a sponsor and do step work regularly. 

I will participate in a minimum of 5 meetings per week. Or 6 meetings per week on restriction. All house meetings must be attended. 

I will find a home group and report it to the Will House staff. I will attend my home group's monthly business meetings and gain a service position.

I will show up a minimum of five minutes early for all internal house meetings and all external meetings. Members must stay for the duration of the meeting. 

3. I will agree to take drug/alcohol tests when requested by the Will House staff. 

Members who cannot produce a UA specimen will be asked to produce a specimen within one hour.

Members who cannot produce a specimen will be dismissed. 

Members are responsible for what is in their system. Including poppy seeds, mouthwash, over the counter medications, herbal supplements, or any substances that could produce a positive result. All positive results will result in a dismissal. 

Members may be dismissed for suspicious behavior or suspicion of substance use at the Will House staff member's discretion. 

4. Disrespectful behavior or defiance towards the Will House staff is grounds for further action or dismissal at the discretion of the Staff. Vandalizing, tampering with or altering Will House property is prohibited. Altering, writing, or erasing notices from the Will House Staff on the white boards in any way is prohibited. 

5. Weapons, violence or threatening gestures physical or emotional are grounds for dismissal and may include legal action. 

6. The Will House is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If the Will House staff suspects a Guest Member responsible for stealing this will result in immediate dismissal and possible legal action may be taken. 

7. Lying is not conducive to the recovery of yourself and other Members. Dishonesty and dishonest behaviors may result in dismissal at the discretion of the Will House staff. 

8. Curfew begins at 11:00 pm and ends at 5:00 am. Members are expected to remain on the premises during curfew and may not leave for any reason. Overnights must be cleared 24 hours in advance with the Will House Staff by completing an Overnight Request Form. 

9. Illegal activity is not permitted and will result in immediate dismissal as well as possible legal action. 

10. Gambling is not permitted on the premises. Activities at strip clubs and bars are forbidden regardless of the nature of conduct and participation. Restaurants are acceptable, but Members may not be seated in the bar areas and may not consume alcoholic beverages. 



As a Guest Member of the Will House, I understand a violation of these terms will result in action taken by the Will House staff including but not limited to verbal or written warnings, restriction, or contracts. Multiple offenses may result in dismissal from the residence. I agree to the following: 

1. Disrespectful, inappropriate or violent behavior towards other Members will not be tolerated. 

2. I agree to comply with my assigned chore. Chores are mandatory and are not negotiable. Chores rotate regularly. Altering chores lists in any way is prohibited. Members may be asked to do more than one chore from time to time. 

3. I will not possess or consume energy drinks or energy supplements on the Will House Grounds. Coffee is acceptable. 

4. Borrowing money or belongings from Members or staff is unacceptable. The Will House staff is not responsible for loaned or borrowed money or belongings. 

5. The Will House will not provide storage space outside of your assigned rooms. We may occasionally accommodate for small storage items, but recommend renting a storage unit or storing personal effects with a trusted friend or relative. 

6. Napping or sleeping in the common areas is prohibited. Members are expected to be fully clothed in the common areas at all times. 

7. Members are expected to clean up after themselves in all common areas, as well as the assigned room. Food and trash is to be properly disposed of and emptied regularly and living space is to be well kept and maintained. Beds must be made at all times when not in use. 

8. Lights, fans, and AC units are to be turned off when not in use. Please help us keep the living expenses as low as possible for everyone. 

9. Computers and phones are allowed, but the Will House staff reserves the right to confiscate phones and computers. Members may not borrow or make use of other Members electronics unless sanctioned by Will House staff. 

10. if you suspect another Member is in violation of any of the rules, you are expected to notify the Will House staff. Failure to do so will result in further action taken by the Will House staff. You could be held equally responsible if you are suspected of withholding information. Anonymity will be kept private. 


Restriction Policy    

The Will House has a Restriction Policy that limits certain privileges for the duration of the restriction. For the first 30 days Members are under mandatory restrictions. If a Member is put on restriction for any other reason, the following policies must be observed. As a Guest Member of the Will House, I understand a violation of these terms will result in action taken by the Will House staff which may include being discharged. I agree to the following: 

1. Curfew begins at 10:00 pm and ends at 5:00 am. Members are expected to remain on the premises during curfew and may not leave for any reason. 

2. Members are forbidden from having overnights during this time for any reason. 

3. Members are expected to attend 6 meetings each week during restriction. 

4. Member must abide by all recommendations by the Will House staff. 

5. Member must use the sign out sheet detailing their whereabouts and times in and out of the house.

6. Member must demonstrate to the Will House staff active participation in the 12 steps. 

7. If the Member does not have a minimum of 20 hours of work each week, the Member is expected to find work before being released from restriction. Members may not work more than 40 hours a week, 5 days a week (unless cleared by the Will House staff for a maximum of 60 hours a week, but no more than 6 days a week.) Meeting requirements must be met. 

8. if the Member does not have a home group, the Member must find a home group and gain a service position before being released from restriction. 

9. If the Member does not have a sponsor, the Member will be expected to find and meet with a sponsor at least once a week before being removed from restriction. 

10. Member must meet with the Will House staff before being released from restriction. 



In Connection with the Member's' application for Membership at the Will House, Members shall be required to pay $200.00 for the first weeks fee, $200.00 for the last weeks fee upon admission, and $200.00 weekly fee thereafter for the duration of the members stay, as the Member's proportionate share of the fee, which fees obligation, the parties agree and acknowledge, is fully consistent with The Will House Agreement for Membership separately executed by the Signed Member and the Will House. All members are required to give a two (2) weeks notice when vacating. Members failure to pay said fee obligations shall result in termination of Membership. 

Refund Policy

In the event a member is dismissed for violation of rules, regulations,or restriction policies, non-payment of fees, or leaves on his own volition, it is understood that any refunds are prorated.   

Binding Agreement 

The above rules, regulations, and restriction policies are subject to change at any time. Should a change become effective, I agree to abide by the new house rules, regulations, and restriction policies for the duration of my stay. 

I assume full responsibility for any accident or personal injury that may incur while under contract at the Will House. The Will House staff may occasionally provide transportation to and from the property of the Will House, and I acknowledge that I am participating at my own risk. 

I hereby certify that I have read and understand these terms of agreement for Membership at the “Will House” at 148 Elliott Street, Beverly Massachusetts. Failure to comply with any of the rules, regulations or restriction policies may result in my dismissal without a refund of fees. If asked to vacate the premises by the Will House staff, I will do so immediately. I know that upon dismissal, I will not be allowed to return to the premises for at least 30 days. The Will House will hold personal property for no more than 48 hours upon dismissal. Further, I agree to abide by any emergency plans imposed by any signed family members if applicable.

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